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When people talk about investing, what they are really talking about is financial planning. At it's simplest, Financial Planning is determining how much money you can save for your future without sacrificing the quality of life you want to live today. There has to be a balance. 

Everyone has different goals and a different perspective on what is important to them and how they want their lives to be. But something we all have in common is the idea of financial freedom. Financial freedom is the point of having enough wealth to live the life you want without working, for most people this point comes as retirement. 

When financial planning and financial freedom come together you can start discussing things like: living more comfortably, earlier retirement, leaving more behind and taking care of the ones you love. A lot of times in pop culture you see the luxurious life of the 'rich', fast cars and exotic houses. Maybe that's possible for some people but for the majority of people financial planning will help you live the life you want to and I think for most that means loved ones, families, stronger personal connections and memories rather than unnecessary objects. And something to think about, if someone has the appearance of being rich but in reality is in over their head in debt, are they really rich?

So where do we start? What do you know about investing, financial planning, financial freedom and how to achieve it? It wasn't taught in school, so unless you've looked into it on your own time or have paid to take university courses, you probably don't know a lot. And that's perfectly okay. Trust me, I know it can be very intimidating and a lot of times it's not something people want to think about or focus on. So hopefully that is where Invest Twenty One can come in and help. 

The entire purpose of Invest Twenty One is to help educate our readers about investing and financing and how people can make their money work as hard as they do. 

I've been contributing to my RRSP's through my employers RRSP contribution plan since June 2014. About a year ago I started to really educate myself about investing and wealth building to find out what my options are and what I can do on my own. Once I felt knowledgable and comfortable with it I took a leap. In November 2017 I started managing the bulk of my investments. My RRSP's were doing okay, about a 4.5% annual return after fees. But I learned that there are better options out there and if I really wanted to make a difference with my financial future I couldn't settle for just 'okay'. Today, October 2018, I am managing almost the entirety of my savings, which includes an RRSP and TFSA.

Since that point I've spent a lot of time learning about investing and financial planning, whether that's through books, articles, blogs, videos or furthering my education through industry leading courses. Through self learning I've realized that there isn't really one place to come to get a variety of credible information. Typically I spend as much time jumping from site to site as I do actually learning. I hope to simplify that process for other people by blogging about what I think is the best and most relevant content and information I come across and feature everyday investors that work in other professions to industry professionals.

We aren’t going to tell you which stocks to buy and when to sell it, we aren’t going to try to sell you anything, we are just looking to highlight the importance of investing and why we are passionate about it. By focusing on educating, we hope to build a community where our readers can come to learn and build on their investing and financial planning knowledge. We think it's going to be very important to be engaged with our readers, so if you have any questions please let us know, we'd love to have a conversation with you. 

I truly believe that investing should be important to everyone. Some people use investing to make careers, others use investing to avoid careers, but most people use investing as a way to make money in order to live more comfortably. You don't need to start devoting your life to investing, but I believe it's important to know what your money is doing for you and understand your goals. Whether you've been investing for years or just starting out, I hope we can provide you with good information. 

If you have any questions or comments about this article or the direction of Invest Twenty One please let us know in the comments below. If you'd like more information, to suggest a topic or to get in touch with Invest Twenty One please message us on our Contact page and we would be happy to get back to you.