Why is it so difficult to find unbiassed information about investing and how to prepare for your financial future? I don't know either. 

Invest Twenty One was created based on a simple concept. Focus on educating people about investing, financing and how people can make their money work as hard as they do. 

But I hope to help teach you about investing, financing, how to properly prepare for your future and hopefully help you achieve financial freedom. The plan is to feature the best information on the site and have opinions from passionate everyday investors to industry professionals who love what they do. We want to create positive conversations and establish a community of people who want to make the most of their money. 

Everyone works hard and makes sacrifices for the money they earn, so make it count by putting your money in a position where it can work hard for you. 

I am not a financial expert or professional. The information contained on this website is based on of my own experience, opinion and understanding. Before taking action on any information contained on this site please do your research and understand what is best for your situation. Please consult a professional if needed. 

If you ever want more information I'd be happy to give you contact for an industry professional who can assist in answering any questions. 


Derek Condon